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They are highly versatile frames with layer bases at the bottom to level the stage in an exact position. They are also light and easy to assemble and with the possibility of varying the height according to your needs.
Technical data
Aluminum alloy6060 T6
Tubular frameØ 60X4 mm Ø50X3 mm
Diagonal with clampØ50X3 mm
Frame weight10 Kg
Diagolane weight3 Kg
Stage height min / max110 cm 150 cm
Max load500 Kg/m²
FF-H-460Modular stage 4X6 mt
FF-H-680Modular stage 6X8 mt
FF-H-810Modular stage 8X10 mt
FF-H-112Modular stage 8x10 mt
FF-DA-200Reinforcement diagonal
FF-ST-350Single support
FT-ST-400Framework support
FT-ST-401Framework support
FT-ST-402Double square support
FT-ST-403Double square support
TK LYRStabilizer base