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Ballast Systems


This ballast system has been designed to solve the problem of transporting common concrete ballasts and water tanks, which have a considerable weight and bulky volume, making it difficult to even carry them. The BST50L system consists of removable and stackable components on top of each other that reduce spaces and are lighter thanks to the aluminum structure. Once implemented, after a simple and fast assembly phase, the ballasts are filled with an amount of water that can vary according to needs, reaching a maximum weight of 130 kg, with the possibility of being joined together to reach even greater weights.  

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Technical data
Dimensioni senza protezioni ( L/ P/ H ) 620xx620x695 mm
Dimensioni con protezioni ( L / P / H )620x620x745 mm
Materiale Strutturaalluminio EN AW 6060 T6
Materiale VascaPVC ignifugo colore nero
Peso zavorra completa di protezioni 38,5 kg
Peso specifico con acqua130 kg
BST50LAluminum ballast with PVC tank system
BSTY50LPVC protection kit in steel sheet