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Stage System


Aluspace is a high-performance modular structure, thanks to both its pyramidal-shaped design, its 6082 T6 aluminum extruded and connection nodes designed to withstand heavy loads and twists. This system is also characterized by the small volume it occupies once disassembled, facilitating transport and storage in stock. The lifting system is a steel base with a TQ52HL column able to support spans up to 18 meters.

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Technical data
Dimensions14.40X12 m
16X12 m18X14,5 m
Tower height10 m10 m10 m
TowersN°4 OBK52N°6 OBK52N°6 OBK52
Main trussesReticular SystemReticular SystemReticular System
Load distributed without wind12644 Kg12000 Kg8700 Kg
Load for each windless knot105 Kg70 Kg43 Kg
Chain Hoist for lifting1000 Kg1000 Kg
2000 Kg
1000 Kg
2000 Kg
Volume1728 m³1920 m³2610 m³
Hours for assembly
/ number of workers
8 ore / 4 L10 ore / 4 L12 / 4 L
Aluspace 14,4x12 mROOFING SYSTEM 14,4x12 m
Aluspace 16x12 mROOFING SYSTEM 16x12 M
Aluspace 18x14,5 mROOFING SYSTEM  18x14,5 m