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Stage System


The arched roof is a system made up of standard trusses with a 29 cm square section and custom components, which allow the structure to be modular in width and depth. Its design makes it suitable for display in squares, shopping centres, city centres, sporting events and small events. Each installation must be provided with an adequate amount of ballast. The use of these systems is governed by laws which vary according to the country in which they are installed. They must be assembled in accordance with local regulations in force.

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Technical data
Dimensioni6X4 m
8X6 m
Carico distribuito considerando il vento3090 Kg2076 Kg
Peso410 Kg455 Kg
Volume per trasporto5.4 m³5.4 m³
Truss towers4 gambe fisse serie TQ304 gambe fisse serie TQ30
Truss coperturaSerie TQ30Serie TQ30
TeloPVC classe 2 ignifugo colore neroPVC classe 2 ignifugo colore nero